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Applying to medical physics

  1. Nov 17, 2011 #1
    Hey.. i'm a senior undergraduate majoring in physics. i'm currently starting to apply for different universities for masters in medical physics but i have some questions.

    first of all, i need to write my statement of purpose.. i have completely no idea how to write it, i have searched on the internet for some information but i think i'm not completely ready to start writing it. so does anyone have any advice/steps that would help?

    I'd also like to ask if it is normal to start having fears about this whole idea.. it was everything i've dreamed of since ever and now i'm scared and i'm constantly asking myself if i can make it or not.

    One other thing.. medical physics have different programs (diagnostic, therapeutic,..) should we choose from now what programs we're interested in?

    I'd be very grateful if someone could answer my questions.
    Thank you,
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