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Applying to Phd After College

  1. Mar 5, 2012 #1
    I didn't get into any of the Maths Phd schools I applied for. I thought I was a decent applicant with some research experience(no publications), solid gre(above 90%) and good recc. letters.
    I did apply to top ranked, medium ranked and even some with lower ranks.
    Such is life.

    I want to pursue mathematics PhD because that is something I really enjoy. I am planning to work on a job(finance) for two years and reapplying. If you have been/know someone in such a situation, what do people recommend? What classes should I take? What should I do
    to show that I am still pursuing mathematics actively? How will my chances be affected by applying after 2 years of finance job?

    Info: My area of interest in mathematics are pde(more on theroetical side) and set theory.

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