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Schools Applying to university

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    so I had a talk with my parents about applying to university. My parents are thinking of engineering and I am thinking of physics. Obviously my parents are concerned about job prospects of pure science degrees, also worried sick that I might not get in grad school. On the other hand, I am kinda like "My life, I want it my way and do what I like," which is bad, but what the heck. Also I am kinda overly confident that I will do well and get into good grad school and good job (i am not thinking of teaching....but I want to do some research and get in to industry).

    any advice?

    oh and is this link dependable? Like can I trust it? I am not sure if it's true, or one of the advertising websites
    If it is trustable, i guess majoring in physics is not all bad. Or do I need a phd for that salary
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    People with a B.S. in Physics are employable. You won't be doing physics with only a bachelor's, though.
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