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Apprehension about future career in science

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    I am a new college student who is very unsure about the career I want. I am between computer science and physics.

    I think I may enjoy being a video game designer/software engineer more than anything else, but I really want to be as smart as possible and have a complete physics education. Someone told me that the only way to have a physics education is grad school. Also, if I become anything besides a physicist, I may not have the time to study physics on my own.

    If it wasn't for my wanting to be a genius, and understand as much as possible, I would become a video game designer/programmer. But ofcourse, I would always continue learning, I would just not be as obssesed for it.

    Can anyone help me? Some advice?

    Oh, one more thing. If I got a Bach. in Physics could I take like maybe a 3year break b4 grad school? Would that hurt me in terms of financial aid?
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    How about a career in computational physics?
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    In English, you are either a genius or not a genius..No amount of schooling will change this.

    Getting a CS degree and planning on being a game designer is a pretty long shot. Unless you have a Killer game in your head, do not count on getting hired by someone else. Frankly the job prospects in the CS field are pretty bleak, unless you live in India.

    It is much easier to learn programing then it is Physics so, as John suggested, a computational Physicist would be your dream come true. Further it would could make for even BETTER game creations, if that killer game is lurking in your head.
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