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Apprentice in fiberoptics and test and measurement equipment

I come from totally different field. studied previously business management but I was always fascinated by technologies.

I find it really difficult to keep up with all the new terms and mathematical equations to follow up. I have to look after each words in every paragraphs. I have searched for some good beginner guides but it's confusing since i don't know with what to begin.

I have been reading physicsclassroom.com basics about the lights,waves and wavelengths. I did last year industrial electrical maintenance intensive training through the government organization. It was not in my native language and it was mostly self studies. So far I'm familiair with basic of the electrics. Thanks to it I got a good opportunity in a company as apprentice.

Now I am learning about the equipment that are more into fiber optics and test and measurements.
I would like to get some good advies as from where to begin and any good books to read. i would also like to know which field of mathematics is more in use for electronics. I'm planning to join evening college to study electronics next year.

I would appreciate any advies and thank you your time
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