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Approach to Physics

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    Hi, I was just wondering what sort of mind-set I should have when approaching Physics as a subject. I personally don't like things to be just in a textbook. I like for things to come alive. I was just wondering how some experts out there approached physics and mathematics...
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    inerestin question ....... i dont know i wonder if some one else does ..read some biographies...... both experimentaion and theory is important ..this is random... look at this page : http://www.thenanotechnologygroup.org/index.cfm?content=120 [Broken]
    im no expert ..hopefully i understood your question...reply and let me know if the page was helpful in anyway....
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    haha Feynman...I've read all about him.
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    I am no expert, but interest, hard work, persistence and dedication matter a lot. Above all enthusiasm and love for the subject and a commitment to it are necessary especially if you are interested in research.

    My 2 cents :smile:
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