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Appropriate Forum?

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    What is the appropriate forum for the following question:

    "Assuming that Physical Review is the #1 journal to get published in,
    what would the top 10 be?

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    Firstly, there are a lot of ladies here on the PF. Second, we generally are not so formal as to require posts to start off with "Ladies and Gentlemen" (start your engines!).

    Anyway, despite being about physics, your question is not really technical in nature, and is not homework. I'd vote for the General Discussion forum.
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    I tried the academic and career guidance one. I don't really know WHAT is in the
    general discussion one!
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    No one does :uhh: , its a strange, strange place in there...
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    I moved it to General Discussion just now. That is the closest match.
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    Please don't take offense, but I respectfully disagree. Gaining publication in a scholarly journal is very important to a physicist, and if one is rejected by Physical Review, what is the next best choice?

    I know that there are some journals that will publish crack-pottery, and others that actually charge the author for publication.

    So my thinking about career guidance is - what are the best targets for publication for a physicist trying to establish a good reputation?

    Plxmny (my real name!)
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    No offense taken. But based on what I know about the PF, and how it works, I still think your post belongs in GD. If you disagree still and would like to get another opinion, please click on the REPORT post button in my post #5 above, and ask the other Mentors to see if they also think GD is appropriate. (At least I think the REPORT button will show up in my posts -- Mentors may be immune from getting reported, but I'm not sure. If there is no REPORT post button in my posts, just REPORT your own post and explain your request.)
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    The GD forum is as good as any for this discussion, so I agree with the move.

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    I agree that for the nature of this question, General Discussion an appropriate location. For that matter, there was a recent thread there on journal impact factor which might help you in answering your question as well (unless that's the one you're discussing here and I just didn't notice who started it).
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