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Appropriate referencing in scientific papers or articles

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    Hard to decide which forum this should be in, sorry if it's not appropriate here.

    I am writing a science article as a university project. We have been told to reference any pictures, but my only picture if the opening / title picture, with the title embedded in it.

    But I am not sure how I reference this picture which I got from a website. For the rest of my article I have been using numerical referencing, but where do I put the [1]? Inside the picture? Underneath it? I just don't recall seeing people reference a title picture.

    The picture itself is just a pic of a planet transitting the sun.

    Many thanks for any replies posted.
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    If it's truly a science article, as intended for a magazine rather than a technical journal, then you have a couple of options. The simplest is probably to add it to your bibliography at the end of the article.
    Another is to use a small font right under the picture that says something to the effect of 'photo ©2006 Acme Images' or whatever name and date apply. If it's a free source clipart or public domain picture, there's no need to mention it at all.
    If this article is actually going to be published, the magazine editorial staff will have their own protocols and deal with it themselves.
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