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Appropriate topics for this forum

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    The study of mind and brain in the sciences is heavily interdisciplinary, and accordingly many disciplines and approaches can be discussed in this forum. Among others, this includes cognitive psychology, cognitive, behavioral, and computational neuroscience, neuropsychology, psychophysics, psychometrics, and functional neuroimaging. Other scientific fields, such as computer science (e.g. artificial intelligence, artificial consciousness, artificial neural networks, information processing, etc.), linguistics (e.g. psycholinguistics), and quantum physics (quantum theories of mind) also have areas of overlap with mind and brain sciences, and these areas of overlap also may be discussed here.

    There are also several non-scientific disciplines that feed into and draw from the above sciences, including phenomenology, meditative traditions, and philosophy. These disciplines may also be discussed in this forum, but with a caveat. We would like to maintain a focus here on the science of mind and brain, so as a rule of thumb, please only discuss the relevant non-scientific disciplines if

    1) the discussion is empirically related to mind and brain sciences in some non-trivial way (e.g. what a certain experiment might mean for our concept of free will, or how first person introspection can be used in scientific studies of consciousness); or

    2) the discussion is related to important theoretical or philosophical foundations or issues in the relevant sciences (e.g. can computers be said to understand, or can physical reductionist accounts of the brain explain consciousness).

    Please note that these are not hard and fast rules, but rather rules of thumb that may not apply over all possible cases. Mainly, we are interested in ensuring that all discussions maintain significant contact with the sciences and do not drift too far off into speculative or extravagant metaphysics and the like. Use the above rules of thumb and also your own good judgment in deciding what to post here. If inappropriate threads are posted here, they may be moved to a more appropriate forum or locked or deleted, per moderator discretion.
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