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    I don't know if this is just from the computer that I'm using is whether it was something that was recently added, but when I post, it is telling me that my post will not appear until it has been approved by a mentor. :confused:

    My only question is that if a mentor has to approve the messages, then what happens to a person who lives in a particular time zone in which none of the mentors are online during their usual posting times?
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    Actually, I just realized that it is only doing that for the forum feedback and announcements section.

    My only problem is that its also not letting me post new topics in that section of the forum. How do I provide feedback if it won't let me?
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    It's a known issue in feedback. For some reason, it's tossing posts by contributors without any other medals into a moderation queue. Your post isn't lost, just hidden from view. The mentors can approve them and make it visible. We don't know why this is happening yet, or maybe Greg has been too busy with all the other repair work since the upgrade to get to this one.
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    BTW, I just noticed that I can edit my posts after they have been approved :rolleyes:
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    Lol. Talk about a flaw.
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