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Homework Help: Approximate K and 'u' values| HELP

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    Coefficient of Friction and Spring constant

    What would the approximate value of (kinetic, and if possible, static) friction be for a block of wood of this nature:
    \\Attachment 1 and 2

    And how about the 'k' value for these springs? How would i go about calculating this sort of problem when the two springs are attached to a board which is the place of impact? Would i double the value of k?

    \\Attachment 3

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    Awaiting for the image to be approved Dekoi. "Dekoi" is of French origin I pressumed.
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    Does a value of 0.6 sound correct for the coefficient of friction between a steel ball and a wooden-ramp shown above?
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    2 springs in parallel: add the k values to find the total k value.

    Not sure what you're doing here. Do you need equations to determine spring constant from spring dimensions?
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