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April fooled

  1. Apr 1, 2010 #1
    I just got april fooled
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  3. Apr 1, 2010 #2
    haha you goofball
  4. Apr 1, 2010 #3
    Too sleepy :zzz:
  5. Apr 1, 2010 #4
    I felt something fishy when i found no closeup shots.
  6. Apr 1, 2010 #5
    I felt something fishy when I didn't see Astronuc's beard.
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    You got me :biggrin:
    I haven't clicked on the "ultrasound" link and I believed it. Then I searched for a "wedding" thread and found this one instead. And rollerblading, haha.
  9. Apr 1, 2010 #8
    I almost believed that wedding thing here until I clicked that ultrasound link, nice prank.
  10. Apr 1, 2010 #9


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    I got suspicious about the time Moonie and Russ claimed they knew nothing, yet after few posts they catched up with other staff members. So...

    ...I set the trap. Image I posted was hosted on my server, so I could easily checked in server logs who and from where tried to access it. And while everyone pretended to be at some undisclosed location all seemed to post from home. Monique posted something - and just before she posted someone form chello.nl fetched the image. Before Ivan posted image was fetched only be people with US reverse domains and by someone from UK and someone from Finland. IIRC Zapper posted something and just before he posted someone from IL fetched the image. So it seemed like there was something fishy about whole story.
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    Got me too, but anyways, it was 7.30 am, regardless of april 1st :D
  12. Apr 1, 2010 #11


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    Very sneaky indeed, Borek!
  13. Apr 1, 2010 #12


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    Nice one, Greg! :approve: Count me among the April Fooled! :rofl:
  14. Apr 1, 2010 #13


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    What, is it so unbelievable that I would take a vacation? :cry: actually that's true..

    If I told you that I'm going to the Seychelles next week, would you believe that? :biggrin:
  15. Apr 1, 2010 #14


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    I didn't even look at the ultrasound, I wasn't fooled. I don't believe anything I hear today.
  16. Apr 1, 2010 #15


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    You're too clever!
  17. Apr 1, 2010 #16
    I was almost falling for it. Well written Greg. I found it too suspicious that so many PFers had been able to gather. The end blew it and the URL of the link confirmed it.
  18. Apr 1, 2010 #17
    Oh man. You got me. So when is the real wedding?
  19. Apr 1, 2010 #18
    I felt that something was fishy about that whole trip. Never figured it would end like this though, very well thought out guys. Definitely had me fooled for a few minutes when I started reading that little story.
  20. Apr 1, 2010 #19


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    When MIH is pregnant for real! :)

  21. Apr 1, 2010 #20
    Got me you b@stards! :biggrin:

    HAHAHA!!! I should've noticed!
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