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Aquarium plant experience

  1. Dec 12, 2004 #1
    Does anyone have aquarium?
    I just bought 120L tank with all the equipment for 200$.
    I want to have only plants in my tank.
    Do you guys have any experience with keeping plants in aquariums?
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    Only plants? No Fish?

    I don't know. I really don't. Last time i had a pet (hamster), i killed it. So i am no pro at pet-maintenance.
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    You have no idea how cool planted aquariums look.I have seen couple in the pet store,amazing underwater jungle.
    Of course there is lots of work keeping plants(CO2,lighting,nutrients) healthy.
    At least i'm gonna have something to do, because for last 6 months I lost interest in learning science.

    PS. no fish, i don't want to be involved in trafficing of animals and keeping them inprisoned.
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    To have a truly healthy aquarium you need fish with your plants. they put CO2 in the water and they fertilize the plants. besides fish are so cool. Also, plants are much harder to keep than fish. I have only once ever had a plant last more than a year for me. They always seem to wither away. Good luck though !!!
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    As a general rule for plants you want more than one Watt of light and less than 3 per gallon of water your tank has. So you are going to want between 30 and 90 watts. just for future reference, It is easier to keep plants in a much larger tank. Smaller tank usually come with inadequate hoods that don't hold enough fixtures.
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    We have a larger sized tank, not sure how many gallons. We have some angel fishes and stuff, but we use to have some cooler ones. My favorate one we had was this little eel-type fish, about six inches long and three eighths of an inch in diameter. We all just called him "the serpent." Heheh... I love having evil fish like sharks and eels.
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    Plastic plants work really well. :biggrin: That's the only kind I know how to grow in aquariums. You can get the whole set, a few plastic plants, a bubbling treasure chest and a sunken castle and it will be beautiful. :rofl: You might want to toss in a few algae-eating fish. The algae will be easier to grow than the plants.
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    Get a salt water tank and raise anemones. Sea creatures that look like plants.
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    That was going to be my suggestion. You have to go salt water. Did I ever tell you about the time I had a salt water tank? I loved my tank, but I was really broke back then and I would pick up parts piece by piece. The lights I had didn't really fit, and one day I knocked them into the water. It wouldn't have hurt the fish, but instinctively I grabbed for them. Salt water is a pretty good conductor in case you were wondering.I was trying to pull the lights out of the water and my whole arm was convulsing and I had a hard time getting my hand to work. I dropped the lights three or four times before finally getting them out.
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    Remind us again how it is you've lived this long? :rofl:
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