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News Arafat sick or dead?

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    Unconfirmed report

    A French-language Israeli newssite is reporting Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Authority, may have died of a heart attack.


    edit: I saw something about this tonight on Ted Koppel (Nightline). He was saying something like Arafat had stomach cancer that was passed to him by an undercover agent (I'm not sure from where) in a handshake? Did anyone else see Nightline and can you confirm what I thought I heard? I had just started to 'share Zantra's pain' (see Gen. Discussion) and was just a little distracted.:wink:
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    I think this is just a rumor, as a result of the secrecy during the period that he was being attended to by his physician immediately after his heart attack.
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    Since it was an unconfirmed report, I pretty much figuered it was a rumor. As I was doing some checking, tho, I discovered that even his heart attack was supposedly just a rumor, too. Of course maybe THAT report was ALSO a rumor! :wink: I was really just questioning my own ears!! About the undercover agent passing something in his handshake to cause Arafat to contract stomach cancer. As a healthcare worker, I'm unaware that this kind of thing is even possible, but with today's technology I guess something like that MIGHT be possible... I'll have to check later on the Nightline website and watch the video of last night's program. It was fairly early in the broadcast. I wonder if they'll offer that portion of the program to re-view.
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    Re: Re: Arafat sick...or dead?

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    Nothing from WorldNetDaily can be trusted, by definition.


    Well, let's just say it should be taken with a grain of salt...there are actually a few 'real' conservatives mixed in with the nutjobs on that site.
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    Re: Re: Re: Arafat sick...or dead?

    It is impossible to get cancer through a hand shake. Cancer is not pathogenic. It is out-of-control replication of mutated cells. This is often, if not always, caused by damage to DNA. Normally, your body will dispose of a few messed-up cells, but if there are too many, you get cancer. Once again, cancer is not pathogenic--it's not a microbial infection. You cannot get it through a handshake.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Arafat sick...or dead?

    And that's exactly what I said, too! (Well, OK. Maybe not word for word... ) Which is why I was so stunned by the report. I just HAD to have heard it wrong, but I'm quite sure I DIDN'T! I was hoping someone else here saw Nightline that night and could confirm what I heard or tell me I'm loosing it! (Don't tell me I'm loosing it unless you, too, saw Nightline and can clear this up for me. ) It's just bugging the sh*t out of me.
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    Hopefully we'll see a real report of this kind soon. :smile:
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    Well, it's been 10 days and no further reports of this most unusual occurance. I can only conclude that my mind's ear must have been having auditory hallucinations.
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