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Arbitrary closing of No Postulate of Light is Violated in Galilen Transformation

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    Arbitrary closing of "No Postulate of Light is Violated in Galilen Transformation"

    As the thread starter I demand to know why "No Postulate of Light is Violated in Galilean Transformation", was closed. It is custumoary that the initiator of a thread have the first and last word in the matter. Is their some back room controversy that the rest of us mortals should not be privy to?

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    Tom Mattson

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    Fair enough. It was closed because it had been going around in circles. Threads are locked for that reason fairly regularly, and there is nothing arbitrary about it. In fact, the thread in question had already been given considerable leeway, especially in light of the participants involved.

    Not here it isn't. Members always get the first word, but Mentors and Administrators can and do exericse their right to have the last word. Don't be fooled into thinking that you have 1st Amendment protections here. This site is not a democracy. It is privately owned, and what Greg says, goes.

    Not at all. In fact, you consented to this when you joined. Just prior to pressing that "Register" Button, you were supposed to have read the following:

    "The owners of Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason."

    And speaking of moving threads, I'm sending this to Feedback. It doesn't belong here.
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    In case you missed this, Geist:

    If I may say so, the complaints in the feedback forum are a little out of hand. We all know the way this site is ran, and if one of us doesn't like it, he is free to post at another forum. If there are complaints, they should be made privately. These public fights degrade the image and integrity of these forums and I don't like it.
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