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Homework Help: Arc Length In Polar Cordinates

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    i am a high school student currently taking ap calculus. i am currently working on a research project on arc length in polar coordinates. through all of my research thus far the one thing that has eluded my grasp so far that is really frustrating is the applications in real life for arc length. :rofl:

    if you know anything about this topic or applications of it i would be greatfull for your help because it would allow me to make sure that i have got this topic down pat. :rolleyes:

    Gracias :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    What would you consider as an "application of arc length" in real life?
    The following might be considered as such:

    The work done by a force acting on an object satisfies the inequality:


    where W is the the (absolute) value of the work done, F is the magnitude of the force, and l is the arc length of the distance traversed by the object.
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    what i mean by applications, is something that you would actually use arc length for in real life buisness industry designing something :smile:
    i was thinking along the lines of roller coasters :surprise:
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