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Homework Help: Arc trig functions

  1. Sep 9, 2004 #1
    srry to be a bother but can someone help me on how to do this, it explains it in the book but i dont understand.
    Here it is:

    arcsin(sin 3(pi))

    i would really appreciate ur help, and thxs before hand. :smile:
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    Do it one step at a time. To what is sin 3(pi) equal?
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    0 right. Is that the awnser, huh?
    I was told it was pi/2.
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    You were told? By whom?
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    a friend he said it was pi/2, i guess he was wrong because i see now way of getting that, well for these problems like the one above i just get trig function inside the para and thats the awnser. Can i make that generalization?

    oh, and thxs for the help :biggrin:
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    No. What's the domain for the arcsin function? A function only has one possible y (range) for any given value of x (domain).

    0 is not the final answer (the quoted post suggests you know that). Instead you have to find a value within the domain of the arcsin function that has a sine of 0.

    The variation is if, instead of asking the arcsine, the question asks for all possible values for [tex]\theta[/tex] that have some given value for sine.
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    ooh, ok, thank very much, take care. :rofl: :rofl:
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