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Arc Welding

  1. Jul 13, 2004 #1
    Dear . . . Physics Forum

    May I Ask Some Help ?

    I need a website that makes me learn more about :
    1. Arc Welding Machines .
    2. Arc Welding Technology .
    3. Welding Rodes Specifications .
    4. The Calculations That We Need For How Deciding The Welding Rode Diameter Depending On The Working Piece .

    My Regards ...

    Luqman H.
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    And lots more information on the parent websites. Both companies have lots of information to give you plenty of knowledge about welding. The technique is another matter....

    The diameter of the rod isn't that terribly important, not as much as the amperage setting. That's where some scrap pieces to practice on makes for an invaluable learning tool until you're a master welder that can just estimate correctly instead of just guessing with trial-n-error.

    Oh, and I'm assuming you're using the correct rod to match your application. Very, very important.

    If you're just starting out, regular wire-feed MIG welding is the easiest by far.

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