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    I heard a news item a few weeks ago about research by parapsychologist Paul Deveraux into the trance-inducing resonant properties of some neolithic sites. Apparently they resonate at 111Hz, about the same frequency as a low-chanting voice, inducing theta waves in those exposed to it. Apparently Vince Clark of Yazoo (and Depeche Mode) and some bloke from Heaven 17 were involved too.

    Problem is, I haven't seen or heard anything of this story ever since, including a couple of attempted googles. Am I making this up? It was on on BBC Radio 4, which is usually pretty reliable.
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    I think I found it. Secrets of the Dead:Sounds from the Stone Age on BBC Radio 4, it's an old program. Paul Devereux is the man.

    http://www.pauldevereux.co.uk/new/body_tvradio.html [Broken]

    Here is a link that talks about it.

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    Well done, Evo. You got further than I did. I remember watching Secrets of the Dead, but the 111 Hz news report I heard 3-4 weeks ago was about a new project. I'm surprised the media didn't pick up on it. Maybe it was too whacky, the the involvement of 80's pop stars being the last straw. What next: Adam Ant, Psychic Spy? But there is an interesting story out there somewhere. Someone must have picked up on it.
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    There's not much to find.

    Here is an article about the "Future of Sound" with Martyn Ware (ex Human League & Heaven 17), Vince Clarke and Paul Devereux.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/collective/A3185372 [Broken]
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    Well unearthed, so to speak.

    "Without a doubt this was the worst music related event I have ever paid money to see... [Paul Devereux] pointed out to us that someone had said architecture can be "frozen music". It was a great phrase that stuck in my mind, but saying it doesn't make it true.

    The climax was the revelation that nearly all the pre-historic chambers they measured had a resonating frequency of 110 Hz - studies showed that the range of frequencies between 110 & 112 Hz cause a change in the electrical pattern of the brain, so they deduced that this is why the chambers were engineered this way. To demonstrate it they showed a home-movie of the sun moving across some rock carvings in Ireland whilst pumping the auditorium full of loud chanting at 110 Hz to see what effect it would have on us. For ten minutes.

    The principle effect it had on me was that when Martyn Ware subsequently stood up and said we are going to have an interval now I bolted for the door and never looked book".

    Ah, British music hacks, don't you just love 'em?
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