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Homework Help: Archimedes bath problem

  1. Nov 22, 2012 #1
    Could I please be explained this problem as I simply can't do it...

    Archimedes has a bath which is filled using three taps labelled A, B and C.

    The rates of flow of B is twice that of A, the rates of flow of C is three times that of A.

    Yesterday, Archimedes filled his bath as follows:

    Firstly he used all three taps for 2 hours. Then he turned off B and finished filling the bath in an additional 2 hours and 45 mins using taps A and C only (it's a very big bath).

    Today Archimedes is going to fill his bath (currently empty) using all three taps.

    How long will this take him?
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    I see that you have 250+ posts so you certainly know by now that you should have posted that in the format of a homework problem and shown some attempt to solve it and where you are stuck. This way folks can see what you know / don't know and try to help you fill in the gap.

    Just asking this forum to spoon-feed you a fully worked out answer is not appropriate here.
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    Thanks for your help phinds, much appreciated...
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    I see you've noticed that sarcasm IS allowed :smile:
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    Have a think about how long "the first part" of the fill would have taken with only tap A. Then have a think about how long "the rest of the fill" would take using just tap A.

    Once you know how long it would take using just tap A, it should be pretty easy to calculate how long it would take using all three taps together.
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