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Archimedes Screw

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    I am wondering whether an Archimedes screw generator would work in a pulsating environment. What I mean by this is does the screw require constant flow in order to generate electrcity? Or could I put such a screw in a pressure driven yet zero-head environment(similar to blood flow)?

    Also, what is the equation for the amount of power such a screw would generate in relation to it's size, surface area, inclination, pressure and speed of the fluid passing through it?

    Thank You.
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    I think it would be very inefficient, as the screw works by a vector component of the weight of the water driving continuously sideways as the water makes its way down. In a simple flow situation, after a few turns it is the water that will be moving sideways (spirally), and due to fluid friction, might even turn the screw the 'wrong' way. That's the way I see it in my mind visually, anyway.
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