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Architecture question

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    This isn't a homework question per se, but I did want help with a problem I'm having. I wanted to integrate the effect of the two slit experiment into a sanctuary space I'm designing and wanted to know first if it was even possible to do it on a building scale and if it is, how wide and far apart do the slits have to be from 34' apart to get the interference pattern of a single slit experiment to have the darkest part be 19' away from the center. Sorry if this is already confusing.
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    On the scale you are talking, the light and dark bands are likely to be nanometres apart - or even closer - so you wouldn't notice them anyway. Remember the slit width has to be of the order of wavelengths to notice an effect.

    Unless you can arrange some monochromatic light, the best you could hope for is a rainbow effect
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    That would probably be better than I was originally planning. Thanks a lot.
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