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Suggestion Archive of Important Data and Evidence

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    In the UFO related threads for example, there is often classic photographs and video footage which are very relevant to the topic in general. These have the potential to be used as a reference source, over and over again. Shouldn't these invaluable pieces of evidence be kept safe for future use in a seperate archive? The photograph of the Earthlights glowing amongst the mountains, caused by earthquake activity, is a gem of an image which was shown recently on a BBC TV documentary. The BBC iplayer web link will only show the programme for a month. After that, this latest piece of information will become difficult to locate, I presume. A great loss in my opinion. Is something that can be done or are there problems with copyright?
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    I don't see why Physics Forums should be the organization to archive something like that.

    As I was telling another member recently: the main purpose of Physics Forums is to discuss and explain physics, and other sciences and technology, as currently understood. Putting effort into non-mainstream areas like UFO's would seriously detract from that, in my opinion.
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    Earthlights are mainstream. The effort of any archiving of pictures would only be by the PF mentors of the Debunking forum i.e. Ivan Seeking I guess.
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    Mamo, just send a PM to Ivan and see if he wants to add pictures to the UFO sticky.
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