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Arctic melt may dry out US west coast

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    Ivan Seeking

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    What else is the AGW hype going to chickenlittle? (that's a verb now, I'm sure)

    Toying with the idea that the pole ice would melt and spent a couple of scientists salaries is just a ballyhoo. Nothing worth the kerfuffle. It's not going to happen and IPCC knows it d... well. Right now the terrible global warming expectations have been adjusted downwards I wonder what the new figure will be. Pure math would get you to about a degree celsius for doubling of the CO2.

    Anyway, even if the temps would go up 10 degrees, in the Arctic winter night there is no greenhouse effect on the North Pole because there is no insolation. And even if the average winter temperature of say minus 30 degrees celsius would increase to minus 20 degrees, the ice would stubbornly form again albeit probably less extensive. But all in all you'd never get it to melt completely and not coming back again in the Arctic winter nite. That is in the next couple of dozens million years of course.
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