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Arduino Purchase

  1. Sep 13, 2017 #1
    I have been planning to purchase an Arduino kit. Since I am a beginner, I am wondering what will be the best offer for me within the range of 100AUD.
    I thought I would ask the experts!
    Thank you.
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    That will depend on where you purchase it (store/online). Since you are a beginner, I'd recommend arduino UNO. I believe it will fit in your budget. Make sure they also give you the compatible USB. If you buy that separately, it might not work. Just download the IDE (for free) and start playing.
    Have you taken any programming course yet?
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    I bought a kit on Amazon for about $50. It came with a breadboard, wires, components, and a nice little book that led me through 10 beginner's projects. It was a fun way to learn and it left me with stuff still useful after I was done learning.
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    I plan to purchase one online.
    I have not taken any courses yet, but this is why I am interested in an Arduino. I would also like to purchase a booklet explaining basic Arduino projects and concepts.
    Would Arduino/Genuino UNO be alright?
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    That is a good place to start.
    Websites like codeacadamy are also good for learning to program
  8. Sep 15, 2017 at 3:08 PM #7
    May want to only spend 1/2 of the budget now, and reserve the rest for once you get an idea of the types of projects you like.
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    While that is great advice, I think the starter pack he is looking at is a great choice (I bought something similar years ago). It will allow him to create a load of projects. Did you look at whats included in the pack? It will allow him to create all sorts of prototype projects and more importantly learn about all of those devices for future work. Unless I'm mistaken this pack includes all that is needed for the projects book

    1 Projects Book (170 pages), 1 Arduino / Genuino Uno, 1 USB cable, 1 Breadboard 400 points, 70Solid core jumper wires, 1 Easy-to-assemble wooden base, 1 9v battery snap, 1 Stranded jumper wires (black), 1 Stranded jumper wires (red), 6 Phototransistor, 3 Potentiometer 10kOhms, 10Pushbuttons, 1 Temperature sensor [TMP36], 1 Tilt sensor, 1 alphanumeric LCD (16x2 characters), 1LED (bright white), 1 LED (RGB), 8 LEDs (red), 8 LEDs (green), 8 LEDs (yellow), 3 LEDs (blue), 1 Small DC motor 6/9V, 1 Small servo motor, 1 Piezo capsule [PKM17EPP-4001-B0], 1 H-bridge motor driver [L293D], 1 Optocouplers [4N35], 2 Mosfet transistors [IRF520], 5 Capacitors 100uF, 5 Diodes [1N4007], 3 Transparent gels (red, green, blue), 1 Male pins strip (40x1), 20 Resistors 220 Ohms, 5Resistors 560 Ohms, 5 Resistors 1 kOhms, 5 Resistors 4.7 kOhms, 20 Resistors 10 kOhms, 5Resistors 1 MOhms, 5 Resistors 10 MOhms
  10. Sep 18, 2017 at 6:07 PM #9
    I have already ordered the starter kit.
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