Are 1p and 2p coins of the same metal, do they weigh the same?

  1. I was recently given this course work to find out whether a 1p and 2p coins are made out of the same metal and weigh the same.
    I was given the formulas to use to find out what it is....


    Density= mass/volume
    Volume = ¢³r©÷h
    Mass =g/ number of coins.


    -20 1p coins
    -20 2p coins
    -A ruler (to hold them in place when measuring them)
    -weight scale (for the mass)

    I am finding so much trouble as i can't find any information about the scientific knowledge, or how to attempt it.
    true i weighed the coins. But i was told it was not good enough to enable me to pass as i am to think as an A'level student on how to attempt this task.
    Has anyone got any ideas on how or what i should do?
    Please help me.

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    Since you've measured them with a ruler, you should know the radius and thickness and be able to calculate their volume. Of course, weight alone doesn't tell you whether they are made of the same material or not (one might be heavier because it contains more metal or because it is made of a heavier metal) but density is a good marker. Find the weight of each kind of coin divided by its volume- that is, calculate the density. If those are the same for both kinds of coin, it's a good bet they are of the same material.
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