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Are all countries like this?

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    For some reason ,there's a trend among the people of my country (Algeria),that every single boy or girl say they want to become physician or medical doctor of some kind when they grow up ,always,and all the parents consider it to be the best job their children could do,although none of the people I've met and said that they want to do it have any interest or love,or talent for this job,it's just a standard answer you get.The medical schools are completelly full ,the education is absolutely awful from elemenary school to college,so we get very bad physician and doctors(the only jobs that seem to work are illegal businessmen ),no scientists or enginners,the mentality is terrible(when I talk to my friends who're 18 or 17 it feels like I'm talking to a 80 year old man or a person from the 7th century,they're extremly conservative) ,is this kind of thing happening anywhere else?
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    Not everywhere, but I'm sure a similar thing happens in multiple countries.
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    Remember that in many ways, Algeria is still a developing country where, in particular, there is in an actual need for more medical professionals.
    thus, I think it is a very rational choice of many of the young in Algeria to think they have a future within medicvine.

    Besides, it is an extremely honourable profession, admired in many countries. With justice.
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    I don't know anything about Algeria, but even within a state in the US, different cities will emphasize different political beliefs and harbor different expectations of their offspring.

    Are you sure it's not that way in Algeria too? I generally notice more conservatives in rural areas and more liberals in cities in my anecdotal experience. For my generation, our parents all expected white collar work out of us, regardless of their politics (doctor, lawyer, manager).
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    Immigrants to the US will often push their kids to being a doctor (or lawyer). I use "push" very carefully, in reality many kids of immigrants feel they have absolutely no choice in the matter :frown:. I get a strong impression from these kids that blue-collar work would be completely unacceptable, according to their parents.

    I think we've had members from the UK say it's the same way there too.
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    It's a honourable profession ,but they say they want to do it even though they don't like it or have any sort of ability for it ,I think it's mostly because of the money they get ,therefore a lot of doctors here are very bad at their job,especially surgeons,for exemple if you go see a doctor for headache or something,he/she examine you for a seconde ,then he give you a prescription and you pay him a big some of money and go home,and you can't even hope for the headache to go away...
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    We actually have a lot of medical doctor ,but we lack anyhting else.
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    In Algeria the most liberal person would still be considered very conservative in the US,even young people.
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    All I can say is that India is much, much worse.

    Edit: On further reading on Algeria I no longer think India is worse but I am shocked at the similarities between India it anyway. India is flooded by tens of thousands of engineers annually who never wanted to become one in the first place and thus are incompetent. Same with medicine.

    You have to understand that this is just a desperate bid for a good job though. "Starving poet" is not a thing of the past everywhere :biggrin:
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    I think most would agree that honest, conscientious and competent physicians are better for society than dishonest, lazy and incompetent ones. However, for lawyers, it's different, at least in the US. The best lawyers are the ones who can win huge judgements or settlements with frivolous lawsuits or get accused rapists and murderers acquitted in the face of overwhelming evidence of guilt.
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    There's plenty of incompetent engineers in the US too. Basically any job with decent salary will attract scammers who don't actually know or care to know anything.
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    It's a common condition: every parent wants his kid to become a doctor, no one wants his kid to be a ditch digger, although both are honorable professions. What no one contemplates is, although it is a humble profession, sometimes ditch digging is more useful than doctoring. Obviously, no one would be happy in a society where there were only doctors and ditch diggers, which is why kids should be encouraged to find out what they would like to do with their lives, rather than trying to make them all take up medicine when some would be perfectly happy digging ditches.
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    I think my parents (mistakenly) believed that I would never forgive them if they forced me to study engineering or, god forbid, medicine because they never resisted my wanting to study physics. You have to understand that parents just want what's best for their kid and engineering/medicine are simply much more pragmatic choices than physics or pure math. In fact this often makes me feel guilty for choosing physics over engineering. A liberal outlook isn't necessarily a good one, don't buy into the hype.
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