Are any of you PF addicts?

  1. I have heard that PF is addictive. Are any of you PF junkies? I try to come by every day to check the messages but am glad to say I did survive a three-day period of cold turkey with no side-effects.
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  3. AM I A FANATIC!!??

    I have been voted #1 pf fanatic (as a new member at pf 2.0) and its for a reason. I can't get enough of PFs! As soon as I get home from school, I'm here on PFs for a couple of hours (2 hours, depending on homework).
  4. I don't know if you would consider me a fanatic as my post count is no where near as high as other members (my post count on PF2 was over 500). But as long as I'm on the computer I've got a window open with PF on it. I'll refresh the window every now and then to see if anything new and interesting shows up.
  5. As the once(and future) PF post champ, I have to say that it can easily become an addiction.
  6. I check PF even before my email inbox (even when it is full !).
    More than twice a day.
    More than 3 hours a day.
    And you guess the rest ...

    I think everyone is a PF addict.

    But yes , I must confess I AM ADDICTED TO PF hehehe
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    ME ?! No... Nooooooo.... No way....
  9. I suppose you could call me an addict. Not just in that I take an hour or two of every day, just to be on the PFs (with four windows open to the PFs, and contantly refreshing), but also because of the feeling of withdraw, that I get whenever I am forced to miss a day.
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    Re: Re: Are any of you PF addicts?

    I denied it twice in PUBLIC !
    (No "General" post count... <- )
  11. Who, me?!

    You'll never prove it!
  12. hey greg, am i a pf addict?
  13. I have it open pretty much all day at work. Glance at it when I get a couple of minutes and write whenever I can. It's debriefing for me. Keeps me a bit sane.

  14. The quality of posts is declining,
  15. Yup, I love it. I check it everyday, I don't participate in posts everyday, but I'm always logged on, reading all the new and interesting stuff! :wink:
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    I think that all depends on where you look saint. I also have noticed that as time passes, the posts tend to be the same thing over and over, and seemingly decreasing in quality. But now and then you do get really good topics. You just have to look for them.

    When I am away from my computer, I have no trouble forgetting about PF. But as soon as I am near a computer, the first thing i do is look for topics of interest.

    This is probably my main source of intellectual stimulation of the sort I need. Its very hard to find people who are willing to discuss, in detail, exactly what it is which constitues consciousness, what the mind is, how objectivity is relevent, what logic is, how evolution relates to ..whatever. etc.

    I'm not addicted. I just can't live without it.
  17. I'm Addicted

    Yes ...
    But This Year I Will Have Very Hard Exams ... I still have time before they start , but I'll be really busy at that time .
    I have about 3 free months before suffering begins

    I don't know how I will bear being away from PF ...
  18. I wouldn't consider myself an addict at the moment. I check it once, maybe twice a day but I don't usually spend more than half an hour here.

    When I first joined I was constantly on. After a while you start to see the same arguments in a lot of the forums, such as religion, philosophy etc. and since I'm neither an armchair physicist nor a physics student a lot of those conversations are either over my head or boring. I'd prefer to read about science in a book than watch people argue about who is right or wrong (as is the case in most threads.)

    Not that I ever have any great input or anything.
  19. By definition, is addiction linked with withdrawal symptoms? I don't suffer withdrawal when deprived of PF because I don't think about it, but whenever I have the opportunity to browse the boards I can't resist. So I'm not sure if that could be considered addiction or not.
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    okay, does this classify as being an addict:

    scenario: kerrie at work, sitting at her desk, PF screen is up, kerrie is posting away...uh oh! here comes big loud boss with one of his great ideas to share with me! quick! alt/tab to the order entry screen before he sees i am screwing off again! boss says, are you working hard, or hardly working with a big cheesy grin...

    this is my typical day if i am at work...the other days when i am making sales calls (driving all day), i actually have to earn my pay...
  21. I was very much addicted to PF in my early days. But now that I have no access to the internet at uni I have had cold turkey forced on me. :frown:
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