Are any subjects missing from PF?



If I were going to add a new discussion forum to PF, it would be Medicine & Health. I'd love a place to talk about medical stuff, tips on health, how to improve my ailing back and offer advice I've picked up along the way.

If you were going to add a new subject area, what would it be?


wasn't there going to be a member photo gallery? (or is that just for members day?)

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yes there is something missing a post your own vilm/video section


Not to sound like a snob, but I think they should change the name of Theoretical Physics to Conceptual Physics. That way there would be two Physics forums -- one for members who want to talk shop with working equations and one for members who want to sip coffee and discuss physics Discovery Channel style.

Or better yet, change the names of Physics to Hard Physics and Theoretical Physics to Soft Physics and require that threads cannot be posted in Physics unless they involve equations or references to journal articles.

These actions would actually help the boards in the long run. More physics professionals would be attracted to post on the Hard Physics board, and members would automatically know not to post intense explanations on the Soft Physics board.



Entropy, don't get me going. I think Philosophy is the most abused board on PF. Many of the questions would be better posted here or in God $ Religion or Pesudo-Science. Philosophy is a serious discipline and yet the philosophy theory is open to all manner of pet theories, idiosyncratic introspection and wacko ideas with not even one footprint in the tradition of the disicipline.

Such posters are interested in status, I suppose. They'd rather think they are posting a serious philosophy question than a wacko idea in pseudo-science.
Economics and Finance??

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