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Are arabic values a threat to America?

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    I think this lady makes some really good points. The arabic culture is a culture of honor and shame. If we don't want to live in a society governed by the values of the Quran, we should watch out as the demographics of the western world are changing.
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    I don't think that governments should be in the business of dictating culture.
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    I only watched the clip beginning because it looked like some BS - personal opinions of one woman.
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    It boils down to intolerance and "being racist against racists". If you claim yourself better than an intolerant individual, you have to tolerate them and respect their freedom of opinion.

    The video is very poor. I can for instance give instances of several organizations funded by islamic women to defend islamic women.

    Also, I heard the US official voices saying they were in a religious war against another religion. Intellectually, this is very very low. It is fortunate that those times are over.
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    Tolerating intolerance is not very tolerant.
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    This reporter is an idiot. I want t smack her so bad for being stupid, a loud mouth, and asking bad questions.
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    I wouldn't call her a reporter: she's a religious talk-show host.

    The general point of the woman who converted from Islam is fine (Islamic Jihad is bad), but it doesn't logically lead to the opinion of the OP because it assumes that all Muslims are Jihadists and they aren't. What the OP describes as "arabic culture" really isn't.
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    that’s a misleading words of one angry lady who puts all her rage in Islam, it’s the background of her people she should talk about as a cause of her painful life. besides, Islam ≠ Arabs, it’s just so pathetic to see how do many people insist to show [the ugly face] of Islam through out individual actions or lives, I’m sure it’s already talked about but I’d say that Islam just like Christianity or Judaism is not and cannot be represented by any one, If you wana know about it read the Quran yourself and look for real sources that is objective, it’s hard for me to trust the media [especially the western media], but unfortunately most people do, maybe they don’t care about them, but still it’s sad to judge a whole because of one.
    one more thing, about your thoughts [Arabs hate Americans], have a look at this, you can search for other related ones if you do want to understand those people

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    Which "values" are you concerned with...please specify.

    As for demographics...are people in the US switching religions and belief systems to those of recent immigrants (is this the demographic you are referencing)...or are younger Americans (another demographic possibility) just worshipping all religions less?
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    Arabic values pose a grave threat to America: they are weapons of math instruction.

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    And they were responsible for the current financial crisis.
    Without arabic numerals it wouldn't have been possible to calculate complicated derivatives.
    The only solution to the deficit is to switch to Roman numerals now.
    Since the Romans don't have a letter for Trillion (or billion or million) the deficit will automatically be reduced.
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    anyone with an IQ greater than 1 shouldn't subject themselves to Fox news (read faux news) related propaganda.
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    Well it's funnier than Family Guy or American dad but not as good as The Simpsons or South Park.
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    Which Islamic morals concerning infidels do you infidels find attractive? If possible, please quote from Mohammed, the holy prophet. Peace and Blessings be upon him.
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    Forgive me for doing what I don't normally do - answer a question before viewing a link. But in all fairness, this statement sounds like someone who's never made a visit to a passport office in his or her life.

    First of all, what is "arab culture"? You speak of Arab and then you immediately start discussing the Quran. Are you aware for instance that approx. 9% of Isreal's population is Arab CHRISTIANS?? (wiki it for confirm....)

    Egypt has millions of Arab Christians......

    There are sizable more communities of Arab Christians (Christian = Bible NOT QURAN) in Syria and Jordan...

    PLUS, There are millions of Christian arabs in South America and Africa as well.

    This statement is as ludicrous to me as statements about "white" culture or "black" culture or "asian culture".

    Using your logic, should the Swedes or Danes or Estonians watch out for Americans as they would argue that our over-reliance on Christianity (vis-a-vis other wealthy, western nations which are decidedly non-religious) means that we are a culture of superstition and non-science, out of touch with other 1st World Countries? (NB: I'm far from an atheist, I'm making a point here....)

    Additionally, I dare say, how much time have you actually spent a) reading the Quran b) interacting with Arabs c) traveling to Arabic countries to be able to OBJECTIVELY conclude that arabic culture is one of "shame" (nonplussed about your comment on "honor"...)

    I'm going to check out the link you forwarded but quite earnestly, if she's proposing anything close to what you've suggested above, she obviously isn't too well informed about the actual facts...
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    Beautiful Arab Women
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    I'll take 72 please.
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    http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=123&art_id=vn20090511055245261C239691 [Broken]

    From the article:

    And then a month or two ago there was the case of the 8 year old girl who was married off to a 30 something man. Yeah, not a threat at all.
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    I can help arrange that for you. :devil:
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    just in case, check out this link

    http://www.prophetmuhammadleadership.org/Prophet%20Muhammad%20Pattern%20of%20Communication%20toward%20Women.htm" [Broken]

    I must say, that violence against women is a worldwide problem, and men [aggressive ones] don’t usually wait for a permission or an excuse to slap them, do they?
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