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Are Blackholes?

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    Possible exit points from this universe to another, or maybe collection points for energy to be saved and reassigned elsewhere? Let's say like they gobble up energy creating singularity which will cause a big bang elsewhere or another universe outside of ours?:confused:
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    hawking radiation. energy isn't "lost" in a blackhole and they are canceled out eventually as is explained by Stephen hawking. If your suggesting that space and time can become so warped that they pinch and separate from this universe and then form their own then that's kinda a cool idea but that would mean that blackholes would disappear after reaching a critical amount of mass and this simply isn't the case. I may as well not say that its impossible but im fairly certain that Stephen hawking took care of the whole "matter being lost to black holes" business.
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    Ok, first, black holes are one way. They do not in any way, reshape the fabric of space or tap into space/time, thus making black holes one way. Matter and light get into the black hole, but never come out in any other points in space. For more information on why black holes are one way, look at my post: why white holes don't exist. (Astrophysics section)
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