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I Are CFD codes like OpenFOAM used in other realms of physics?

  1. Apr 18, 2017 #1
    Hey guys and gals,

    In my 4th year I got interested in cfd while doing a flat plate case. Fast forward to after grad and while I am looking for a job(Still looking :( ) I have been playing with Linux and open foam. I looked into astrophysics and plasma physics and such as they interest me to. So many visualization of these simulation video has the word cfd in them. So is openfoam codes used in these realms of physics (from HE physics to astrophysics and maybe quantum)? I have seen fluent used to model particle tracking with quantum fluid transport phenomenon, there was this plasmaFoam paper which had a solver for low temperature plasma physics, and there some codes (behind a pay wall for the report) that deal with astrophysics as well. So I'm quite curious? If so that be something interesting to get into!

    Edit: This seemed like a general physics question so I posted it here, if there is a more appropriate subforum let me know, I will delete this and make one there!
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