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Are engineers/techies boring?

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    I joined this site to get away from the rampant stupidity of other forums, but I find myself getting bored extremely quick. Is this a non-social environment or something? or have our educations made us boring? I can't quite figure this place out.
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    Yeah, we're da*n boring that's quite true. Sometimes, I find myself so boring that I fall asleep in the middle of my
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    Hey, the people in General Discussion are NOT boring!!

    <pokes humanino>
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    so this is THEE subforum to post in huh?
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    You cannot find boring what you love :wink:
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    This is "the" subforum for cool people here.

    What's your favorite fish?
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    The kind that go for fisherman's bait. If I only had my experiences to go by, I'd say there are none.
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    What would be a social environment?
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    This isn't facebook.
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    ohhh.. so that's why nothing happens when I poke you.
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    You must be doing something wrong.
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    Do you really think it's us that's boring? Maybe this is more your problem than ours. Is there anything interesting about you? Such as a poker chip painted by H. Matisse that you use to fill an eye socket left empty by a freak accident with a gyroscope?
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    Ok really, we won't find a second person like that in a week!
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    Check out some of the GD classic threads, 2004 was a good year for the GD froum. And engineers cant be boring because most of them are weird.
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    I think it's just the problem that message forums just get tedious. It's not scientists/engineers that are boring as a people, it's the internet.

    Solution: Get off your computer, go out, and get a life! :P
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    Serious is boring if you aren't serious yourself.
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    Judging by the thousands of users who log in and post everyday from all over the world, I'd say we are the exact opposite of non-social. :approve:

    Also, I dare say that having an education gives one more things to talk about. At least more interesting things, in my opinion.

    Lastly, we are most certainly not boring! :cool:
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    I think someone is a bit confused.. you were looking for:

    http://www.psychic-forum.com/forum/" [Broken]

    Or maybe:

    http://psychoforums.aceboard.com/" [Broken]

    Tell Dionne hi for us:biggrin:
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