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Are graduate programs more competitive than

  1. May 8, 2005 #1
    ... undergraduate programmes? (I'm talking about admissions)

    I want to study abroad at a respected universe, but I don't have the grades to go directly to an undergraduate program.

    I'm taking my undergraduate degree in physics at a local university. The question is: how do I spend my three years there, so I can maximize my chances of (maybe) being accepted to MIT, or similar (In three years I guess I have a better understanding of what field I want to continue in, so that plays a role in choosing a univ.)

    I'm a 100% motivated for this, I've ordered a book on calculus (I've looked at the curriculum for the program), just to prepare myself a bit for the math during the summer vacation.

    I'm (sadly) just an average student, no special abilities here. But I'm extremely willing to make an effort.

    Btw, is it normal for physicists/engineers to pursue somekind of MBA degree later on? (I'm wondering because I want to have the ability to help out in our family business later in life, but what good can a physicist do?)

    Sorry for the long post, thanks and cheers!
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