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Are holograms possible

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    Is it possible?

    I have always wondered; and have never heard anyone mention the possibility.

    By hologram i mean to say a projection of an image without an apparent surface for projection. Perhaps in a container of some sort. I am so unknowledgeable in the subject i find it hard to think of correct terminology.
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    This is so Cool

    This is so cool! Anyone has any idea of how it works? It claims that it does not add anything to the air. Would it just simply be ionised air?
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    I've been trying to wrap my head around this for over a year. I was thinking ionized air but would that really allow images to be projected on it? Hmmm.

    There was quite a bit of hype when the company first announced this device. The hype seems to have died down a lot since then. I'm surprised they haven't licenced the technology yet. This would be great for advertising.
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    Isnt it Crumbles!? Am i not the only one amazed by this.

    Take a look at some of the screenshots.

    http://www.io2technology.com/dojo/178/15-3-a-hr.jpg [Broken]
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    They used to have videos on the site. I'm not sure if they still do. I know they took down a lot of the videos but I still have them saved on my hard drive. If anyone wants them, PM me and I'll email it to you. You just need an email account that lets you recieve attachments ~5MB in size.
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    I was thinking maybe the gadget produced a curtain of ionised air and then there's some kind of electron gun that beams electrons of various energies at it and that somehow interacts with the ions to emit light of various colours depending on the frequency of the electrons from the gun.

    But I don't think it can be that simple because air is mainly Nitrogen and Oxygen and it would be hard to produce many colours from just those two elements. Also, having electrons fired all around would not be safe.

    The site claims they use LASERs but I can't see how! But boy do I wish I had got on to such an invention at 20 yrs of age!
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    I dont understand why this isnt extremely popular. Something so futuristic should be the a large interest for companies.
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    There is alot of interest, the company was plugged by cnn last year. The system is still very much a prototype.
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    IIRC it worked like a stereoscope. There are slots in the screen so that each eye effectively sees a different picture.
    Big drawback is that the user has to hold their head in a specific location.
    No moving around allowed.
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