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Are HUMANS Robotic Droids?

  1. Jan 9, 2004 #1
    Well, we were made by another being. We, as Humans, have created Robots. Someone made US. We are living, reproducing entities, created by another. I say we are, for lack of better terminology, Living Robotic Droids. I think that we are PROGRAMMED from the beginning. I say that ALL of our actions are the result of this Programming. Our sensors (senses) detect something and we React accordingly. We are Egoists in that we think we are free thinkers. I disagree. I think that each of us have Programmed into us our individual Personality traits, but still, we are acting Robotically.
    I say that our Lives and each of our destinies are a Result of our Programming. The God's are having fun, even experimenting with us. That's my opinion. Oh, if we aren't the above, then just what are we?
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    That does not compute.
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    Now, that is absurd.
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    Is it?

    I wouldn't say that all our actions are determined by programming, a.k.a. genes, but our actions are all the inevitable consequences of previous occurences.
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