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Are interracial relationships truly accepted?

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    What can I say? I love controversy

    So obviously interracial relationships have made great strides over the last 20 years, and is widely accepted, but there is some resistance still in certain areas. And I'm speaking of course, not only of black and white, but hispanic, asian, native american-whatever race. I grew up in the midwest united states where there are primarily only black and white. Now I've relocated to California which is a great big melting pot of people. You name it, they got it.
    I honestly know more asian people since moving here than white people. Mostly due to my friend being engorged in the Japanese community.

    Now it the midwest it was rare to see an interracial couple. But they did exist. However since coming to Cali, I've noticed a great deal more interracial couples, and it is very commonplance. My close friend, who is half american half palestinian, recently married a japanese woman(you'll never meet a nicer woman-honestly). I myself am currently engaged to an asian woman. I find that it's not at all unusual in Los Angeles, but I feel if I were to abscond back to the midewest, we'd be met by hostility and racism.

    So what are the current views? And I'm also speaking to non-caucasians as well. What are the views on dating outside of your racde? On marriage outside of your race? My friend's japanese wife was none to eager to inform her father that she'd married an american.

    feel free free to talk amongst yourselves, I'm feeling a little flaklempt.:wink:
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    I'll only marry within my race.
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    Well it sounds like a matter of what people become accustomed to.
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    I suppose...I'm only gonna marry members of the human race...I guess there are people accustomed to their mother being a sheep.
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    i think that depends on where you live, in America at least...

    here on the west coast, people are more tolerant about situaions like that then say for example in the south...
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    That's true...interracial couples have alot of problems in the south.
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    Were you being facetious here or what? Baaaaah I say to you!
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    My point was that we are all members of the HUMAN race, so what is the problem with marrying within your species?
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    Is anything truly accepted?
    Depending on what area one is living in they may be accepted to a greater or lesser degree, as has been noted already.
    I honestly know, on a personal level, more mixed couples than any other type.
    I’m not sure I understand you. Wouldn’t this simply vary from one person to the next?
    I am only half Caucasian and so for me there is no ‘outside of your race’. My views are very much like those thus far expressed by Zero.
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    Well what is your problem? Sounds to me like you would restrict it even further than that. If that's the case, why not restrict it to the same family line? Of course I don't think this is what you were implying now is it?

    You can knock it off with the sheep anytime now, Okay? ... And by the way my mother was a cow. :wink:
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    Ok it would seem that it does vary from person to person, and more broadly from region to region. First let me say that I have a broad(no pun in ten did) spectrum of experience when it comes to dating. I've dated both within and outside of my race, and never gave it a second thought as far as my personal beliefs.

    I also think that one of the reasons it varies from place to place is exposure. If you're in a highly diverse community, you tend to be more relaxed about such things than if you're not exposed to other races. I grow up in a somewhat diverse community for my area, and so had many friends outside of my race, and was perhaps as a result more open minded.

    I'm also aware of the issues in the south. More interested to also hear from people outside of the US, as I'm not as familar with people's views in other countries. I do know in some 3rd world countries americans are looked on as the "pot of gold" and it's more of a monetary thing than a racial thing.

    I've found in my personal experience, that girls are girls, no matter what race they are, and they all generally have the same basic interests, desires, needs, and views as my own race. The only barrier can be social customs. But when in Rome..

    So anyhow, I see a mixture of responses. I'm assuming generally that it's accepted by most, if not practiced by most.
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    See, I knew someone was dating a sheep!
  15. Aug 3, 2003 #14
    Hey I'm an eqaul opportunity offender
  16. Aug 8, 2003 #15
    In my area of the south, views on interracial marriage have become more liberal (but not by much).

    There was this one white girl that I have been friends with ever since I moved to Ringgold. I also happened to like her but I never attempted to go beyond friendship because of other priorities in my life.

    Had I gone through with it, I would have faced resentment from A LOT of people.

    I feel there is nothing wrong with interracial marriage but personally, if I had to get married, I would marry an Indian. I already feel alone so why exacerbate it by marrying someone who I wouldn't be able to relate to?
  17. Aug 8, 2003 #16
    As Sting alluded to, this varies greatly, depending on where you are in the south. In Atlanta, or most any of the large or midsized cites it would be something that unnoticed. Twenty-five years ago, when dating the woman who is now my wife, walking around together in places like Savannah Georgia would get you noticed, though not usually harassed. Even back then Atlanta and Columbus Ga were places that didn't seem to feel it that unusual. Recently when stopping in a small town in South Carolina, nobody seemed to take much recognition of the fact that there was a mixed couple there.

    I imagine couples that were not black/white would get noticed even less.
  18. Aug 8, 2003 #17
    Yes, I live around 2 hours north of Atlanta (near Chattanooga, Tenn). THis is a small town so interracial couples will tend to get noticed. Not only that, the township I currently reside in has to house some of the most "traditional South" bigots I have ever seen. The preventing of different races having relationships was a big thing in the Old South so I guess they wish to preserve that tradition. But you won't find many different ethnic groups here (my family and myself are basically Ringgold's International community).

    Atlanta, however, is a international city. You'll find nearly every type of ethnicity there. Not only that, but you have several Universities there and UGA just an hour away. With educational institutions available, people are going to attempt to be educated and the more educated some people are, the more open minded they become.
  19. Aug 10, 2003 #18
    well, here in spokane, most people are caucations. Although this is true, no one seems to care all that much. The people of Spokane have a great affinity to looking the other way.
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    I am currently in a 5 year relationship with a girl of hispanic decent. So yeah, I support them :smile:
  21. Aug 10, 2003 #20
    Wow. In my town, people gawk and glare at interracial couples.

    Congrats. It's funny because my mother told me explicitly, "if you date, I want you to date a hispanic girl or Indian girl."

    I guess my mother doesn't have a problem with interracial relationships either lol.
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