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Are Macro Hidden Variables

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    Related to QM hidden Variables?...is Dark Matter the Macro Scale equivilent to the Hidden Variables on QM scales?
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    Do you have a reference to MACRO hidden variables? This is a concept that I have not heard of.

    QM deals with the statistical possibilities of particles taking a particular path from A to B, and how the possibilities can be calculated. It is possible that the probability of any particle deviating from a straight, direct path from A to B is suppressed by by destructive interference in the waveforms of non-straight paths. My understanding of this is very rudimentary and I might be quite misinformed, but are you asking if we can assign a probablility function to the position and velocity of macroscopic bodies?
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    turbo-1 this post is the result of a late night get together with some friends and is the result of someone (my brother-in-law) contemplating Dark Energy/Dark matter, as the:scaled up macro product of a Quantum Mechanical process?

    I'm going to be 'drying-out' today after some excess wine supping, so I am on a damage limitation recon exercise at mo :yuck:
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    Enjoy the headache. With respect to the OP, the answer is very likely no.
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    Would you mind being a little more careful with what you post please?

    I'm sure random word association could be great fun, especially over a glass or three of good wine.

    However, if I could ask you to take notes, then in the cold light of morning, check what it is you really want to write (and perhaps do some googling of your own), before you actually post?

    Thank you
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