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Are Minors worth it?

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    Hello all,

    I am currently a pre-junior mechanical engineering major at Drexel University(non-traditional student). Somehow I am doing extremely well in the program GPA 3.9. Long story, but this is my second bachelors I am working on. Due to my poor decision making the first time around I find myself a little indecisive making decisions. Due to my age(33) I have been taking course overloads a couple of quarters (21 credits), but somehow doing well. If I want to graduate on time I will need to do a couple more course overloads.. Just looking for peoples experiences with minors...are they worth it? Should I not kill myself to get one?

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    If you're doing it for a resume boost then no. I did a minor in economics out of pure interest and enjoyed it thoroughly. Almost went to grad school for it too.
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