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A Are neutralinos composite?

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    In supersymmetric extensions of the standard model, the neutralinos and charginos (popular candidates for dark matter) are often included. However, it is known that these fermionic particles are linear combinations of supersymmetric bosinos (such as gauginos and higgsinos). Therefore, it seems to me that these are composite particles, however many sources include them in extended standard models. So are they elementary (if so, why) or composite like a meson or baryon?
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    No, they are not composite. Being a linear combination of other states is not the same thing as being a composite state.

    In comparison, flavour eigenstate neutrinos are linear combinations of the neutrino mass eigenstates and the photon is a linear combination of the hypercharge boson and the weak W3 boson. This does not make them composite particles. Mesons and baryons on the other hand are composed states that include several quarks.
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