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Are our thoughts real?

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    Are our thoughts real?????

    Often, I will be thinking of someone and then later bump into them. Or I will have a dream about something that actually happens the next day. Sometimes when I focus on my thinking long enough about someone or something coming into my life, it happens. Or even better yet, if I am thinking of someone or dreaming about someone, sometimes somebody else walks into my life that resembles that person exactly, by action or looks. Is everything we experience in front of us, physically, a manifestation of our thoughts????????If so, how can it be further developed????
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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but we never directly experience anything in front of us. All we experience is the visual image and other qualia. A corresponding object in the outside world need not always be there.
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    Depends upon who you ask. I would say my thoughts are real, but your's sound unreal.
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    Would you care to explain your statement???
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    Can a knife sharpen itself? What you have experienced you know is real or unreal. If you must ask others you will never know. To know is to be and to be is to see. Careful the gates you walk though for the gates of heaven sit right next to the gates of hell. You cannot walk through one with out paying a price to the other. There is a great price for such things the payment plans vary.
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    I understand what you are saying about knowing what I have experienced is real or unreal. I get that. I guess I wanted to know if others have expeireneced the same thing and if so, can you take it further? I suppose that you have also experienced this? since you seem to know about a "great price for such things?"

    p.s. no offense, but you sound like that Cat,the one that speaks in riddles, from Alice in Wonderland
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    Yes, I have. For instance. I hear sounds in music before they are made, and when I hear them I'm amused.

    This is very fun, to listen for musical sounds in advance of them being made.

    If you listen to sounds in a crowded place. You can id that other people are listening for sounds as well !

    Watch tv, and listen for a sound, then watch the people on the tv listen for sounds. Good times, good times. lol.
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    I don't understand. In music you can often tell whats coming next because there are only so many notes and chord progressions, usually anything melodic can be heard where it is going. I am talking about actual thoughts.
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    Any precognition would be about a perimeter.

    For instance. I can have a preconigitive idea about a tree outside falling down.
    Now then. If my one tree outside fell down, that would seem precognitively I knew about it. On the other hand, if a tree in a tree farm 100 miles from my place, it wouldn't seem so farfetched.

    See how perimeter places a important part in precognition ? Ok. :yuck:

    Does the perimeter of a restaurant follow the perimeter of another restaurant ?
    How so ? They both have straws, a bathroom, and a table, etc... You know what to expect, and the pattern doesn't change that much from restaurant to restaurant. But if a restaurant held a killer whale in a fish tank in the kitchen, and you had a premonition that they were feeding a orca in there, and you were right. That is truly a precognitive thought you had.

    Now since a lady friend you had looked like another lady friend you had, and you bumped into that person. That's no different than the restaurant perimeter. In my opinion. Now if you thought that that person would belch fire three times and sing the hee haaw backwards then call you by name, and it really happened. The perimeter that would allow that was precongitively known by you.

    See how perimeter plays a part in our lives ?

    Rule I thought up just now.
    1.)In every precognition. Perimeter is present.

    So having visions or magical thoughts or words are meaningless unless you know the perimeter those concepts belong on. Then there's no more mystery. It's just putting two and two together.

    Since your having weird thoughts come true, your obviously focused on a cetain few perimeters, and considering what that/those perimeters may bring.

    People do this in long term budgets as well.
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    I understand and agree with you completely. That makes so much sense.

    Do you think its something that can be developed? (precognitive thoughts)
    or controlled. and the other question or thought I have is, is it possible that sometimes when we think about a person and say we bump into them, or if we have a dream about someone calling us and that person calls the next day, is it possible that we are connected to that person by our thoughts or sending out some subliminal message???? that they received???? There are some people I know that when I think about them, or dream about them they seem to call or appear more then others? For example: I know now from experience when I am thinking about my friend Jared, he usually is trying to get in touch with me. It seems there is some connection. Does this make any sense at all????? I think I am taking this a step further now and asking if it is possible we are all connected by thought to some degree??? and if so Are our thoughts effecting things or people around us???
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    - The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
    For every one connection/line, there is 2.
    This is seen in the Triangle inequality theorem as well.
    Three lines translate, Line A, B, C.
    A < B + C
    A = Action < B + C = 2Reaction = Triangle inequality theorem = A < B + C

    So. If you make connection (A) to a perimeter, there is connections (B) + (C) greater than that.

    So precognition of a event on a perimeter may be less than the two resulting perimeter connections.

    So to answer your first question.
    It depends on if you know the perimeter. If you do the above is possible.

    Your second question. Yes, since your familiar with that person on a perimeter you know.

    Your third question. No. Since the world is too great to know it's entire perimeter, and so the above Triangle inequality theorem wouldn't work.

    Ke ? :yuck:
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    What is the outside world but the mere extension of what's on the inside? So when we dream -- which, in effect is more internal, and indicative to our intent -- why shouldn't it be reflected on the outside? We are all living in a Matrix of sorts by the way.
  14. Jul 31, 2004 #13
    i have had dreams about actual events also. you could be sending message to people of controlling things with the electromagnetic feild that surrounds you. if you focus, and if your feild is strong enough, you can channel the message you send and it will actually be recevived. somtimes it is subconsious. do you rember the book matilda? she moved things with her mind. you might be going through the same effect.
  15. Aug 1, 2004 #14
    It seems when my best friend and I lived together we would finish each other's statements.. we'd wake up and open each door of our seperate bedrooms at the same time (not everyday.. but often enough for it to be noticible) we'd think about having the same thing for dinner without ever having talked about it.. we'd call each other (often) at such the exact same time that we'd see that the other was calling in as we were waiting for each other to pick up and we'd have conversations about things we saw on the news or on TV without ever saying a word (maybe just making sounds).
    The one explaination I have for this is that because we were such good friends and we spent so much time together..we were just a lot a like. That seems feasible to explain certain situations.. but, it doesn't seem to explain everything that happened to us when we lived together. The second explaination I have is the fact that we are both musicians. We had played in bands together for 6 or so years before living together and for 2 years (everyday and night) while living together. It seemed that the better our rhythm and harmony (in the general sense) became within our music.. the better our rhythm (timing) and harmony (in the same general sense) became within our daily lives. When I analyzed that idea and brought it to my daily life.. I realized that all kinds of timing issues were coming into play.. more than once I would enter class at exactly the time that the teacher was calling my name from the role... 95% of the time I would approach a red hand (on those walk/don't walk signs) right as it was turing to the walking man. It seems that not only has the study of timing and rhythm(I have been drumming for close to ten years) shown its impact on my relationships with my band mates (and especially my best friend/bass player) it has really improved my flow in conversation, my approach to study, and my general (seemingly pre)cognition of menial events that occur throughout the day.
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    Thats really funny because I am a musician too, and so is my friend Jared, he is the one that this happens with the most, and we live far apart.
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    I like you! thats good
  18. Aug 1, 2004 #17
    I am going to try it, I understand what you are saying, thanks
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