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Are spin networks still used

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    I have been reading up on spin networks and spin foams... but most of the publications seem to come from 1999 or 2000. Does anyone know what happened to this idea? Is it still valid, or was it a dead end? Is it still an active area of research, or did the idea perhaps evolve into something with a different name?

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    They are still used in LQG, which has still not demonstrated the emergence of classical spacetime.

    However, the closely related formalism of "tensor networks" has found practical use in condensed matter physics. http://arxiv.org/abs/1106.1082
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    TGlad, you should check marcus' summary threads on LGQ here in the "beyond-forum"; he collects the arxiv preprints on quantum gravity on a daily basis with a special focus on Loop Quantum Gravity in it's various formulations, canonical LQG using spin networks, the spin foam approach, ideas how to relate canonical and path integral approach, related subjects like spinor and twistor formulation of LQG, applications to black hole physics etc.
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