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Are strings the equivalent to bits?

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    I often think about this subject, would it be a fair assumption to say that our electronic bits are a equivalent and more simple "thing" of that we assume to be the more elementar "particle" of the universe, a string, acording to the theory, it is the vibrating state of certain string that defines all the other greater particles that we know, in theory, bits and strings are somehow similar, an both represent the more elementar variation of the world of their design
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    are manifolds equivalent to switches ?

    if the dimensions of string are interchangeable so that any combination of 3 plus 1 equals our reality and the manifolds blip in and out at superluminal speed so that it appears there is one but maybe many blipping in and out seemingly occupying the same place but at differnet times and refreshing the projection at a rate we can't detect

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