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Are supermax prisons really 'escape proof'?

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    Many prisoners have escaped from prisons throughout the years, even death row. The wardens tend to think that after they make corrections, it is 'escape proof'

    Do you think prisons are ever escape proof? Yes or no and why?
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    I don't think there is a such thing as escape proof.
    There have been numerous prisons throughout history that have been labeled escape proof and proven wrong. Any security measure can be bypassed with the right resources.
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    Nothing's impossible, escape included. From anywhere.
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    Any "system" has its flaws :)

    Even Magneto escaped!
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    The possibility of escape is entirely dependent upon the resources and imagination of the prisoner vs those of the system.
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    Or on how much you pay off the guards :p
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    Bribery is categorized as a 'resource', along with standing armies.:biggrin:
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    I forgot how that happened, a gaurd came in or something wearing metal?
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    An accomplice seduced him in a bar and injected him with either a metal or a substance that increased the iron content of his haemoglobin. Can't remember which, and I seem to recall that in reality blood-borne iron isn't magnetic.:rolleyes:
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    well i think she put so much in him that it didnt bond with the blood stuff.. or whatever.. so yea then magneto is like WTF there is iron in your blood, gimme it plz and he took it
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    The man was a tad dim-witted and didn't notice the severe burns from being injected with molten metal.
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    To play the nerd here, I remember something about there being a calculable probability that you can undergo quantum tunneling and move intact from one location to another. While the odds are slim, I think that no prison can be entitled escape proof until they learn to deal with this possibility. Force fields perhaps?

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