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Are the LaTeX codes working?

  1. Oct 8, 2005 #1
    Not sure if I'm the only person getting this, but I tried to make a post which contained LaTeX codes and I could not preview the result. Where the LaTeX output should have been there was linkable blue text that said

    "LaTeX graphic is being generated. Reload this page in a moment."

    If I opt to reload the page the same thing happens.

    Prior to the recent changes, I never had a problem previewing a post which included LaTeX codes. Although I think my recent attempt was the first time that I tried to start a new thread so perhaps it had something to do with that. Should I be doing something different?
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    [tex]Am I working[/tex]
    [tex]\pi = 3[/tex]
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    [tex]\pi = 3[/tex]

    It won't generate a preview of this, but I'm sure it will post. Probably some kind of problem at my end. Hmmm.
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    Previews are still a problem. Chroot is working on fixing it. It will post okay, just won't show up in preview.
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    Ohh, I must have misunderstood you, sorry.
    [tex] testing[/tex]

    Yep you are right.
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    [tex]\alpha \beta[/tex]
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