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Are the X-men amog us?

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    I call magneto:biggrin:
    Would we even be Homo saphines by then or somthing elese like Home X-men
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hey Scott1,
    This is more a GD topic. :smile:
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    I've got a spooky tale about that. The 19-year-old girl that I was with a couple of years ago insisted (tongue-in-cheek) that she was an X-man because she destroyed electrical equipment from a distance. Her mother wouldn't even let her change a light bulb because the new one would blow when she installed it. We were talking about it while walking to the car from the first X-Men movie. She mentioned that quite often street lights would croak in her presence. Just as she finished the sentence, the parking lot light right in front of us flashed and went out. Without missing a step, she said "Like that." To top it off, on the way home my alternator blew out. :surprised
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