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Studying Are there any really good free textbooks for self-studying high-lvl math/physics/chem

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    Something like the above textbook, with plenty of detailed solutions to all of the problems. The thing is, as you go higher in level, you also find fewer solutions manuals and study guides that can make studying higher level subjects far easier.

    So does anyone know of any really helpful self-studying textbooks for any of the higher level math, physics, or chemistry subjects? Subjects like real analysis, abstract algebra, vector calculus, basic quantum mechanics and electromagnetics?

    And I'm one of those people who does better self-studying the material than taking the courses at college.
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    In my opinion, you can't beat the college courses where you have instructor feedback and classroom discussion.

    I suppose your best bet in learning the material on your own would be to go to a college library. They have a wealth of information and books there.
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    Why not ask the instructors of those courses what textbooks they use?
    :smile: Then self-study from those~
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    the best books cost soemthing, but they are cheap, like a adrian albert, fundamentals of higher algebra, is available sued for $1.

    and c.h. sah, abstarct algebra, is available cheap, as is van der waerden modern algebra.

    the notes on the webpage of james milne, are free and are excellent in my opinion, in math.

    i also like my own notes on my webpage, and there are lots of others. just search the web for free class notes in various topics.

    lots of old journal;s are also available free on the web so you might even find papers by einstein and others for free.
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    i agree though that learning from a person who knoiws and will take time to help you and explain to you is far quicker and better than self elarning. i have spent my whole life trying to learn by myself stuff i failed to pay attention to in class or never had.
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