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Are there jobs in aerospace engineering?

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    Hi, I'm new to this thread and was wondering if anybody knew how the job market would be for a person who would graduate from UCSD with a b.s. in aerospace engineering.
    Right now, I am just in a community college close to UCSD and will be accepted in the Fall of 2005 if I sign up for the transfer admission guarantee. Both the aerospace and mechanical engineering programs are open to all students who are accepted into UCSD. Right now, I'm finishing up the second semester of Calculus, and am interested in both mechanical and aerospace engineering. Both sound really interesting, but aerospace sounds kind of risky.
    If anybody in the know had any information, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Hi Tim, welcome to PF!

    Aerospace is a pretty broad field. There is more to it than just designing air or spacecraft.

    There are focuses in robotics, controls, materials, smart structures, etc.

    Additionally, if you've got an aerospace degree and still strike out (even monitoring satellites), you still have enough skill to apply for a mechanical engineering position.

    I guess the question you should be asking yourself is: "how much do I think I would like working in Aerospace?". If the answer is: "A lot!", then go for AE. If the answer is: "Maybe a little...", then go for ME and take a few aerospace courses.
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    May I know your age right now? Are you interested in Cal Poly's Aerospace Engineering Program?
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    Thanks for the info enigma.
    EngTechno, I am 20 yrs. old. I heard that Cal Poly has great engineering programs but may be kind of hard to get into. I only have a 3.03 gpa right now. To be honest, I only really started trying hard last semester when I got a fire lit under my but with the Calculus I course and I really enjoyed it(and I got an "A" in it). I am taking the Calculus II course right now over the summer, and have an "A" after the first three tests, but I still might end up getting a "B" or a "C".
    For UCSD, all you have to do is have over a 2.8, sign the Transfer admission guarantee agreement form, finish the courses on their list, and you're guaranteed in. Plus, the two majors that I am most interested in (m & a engineering) are open to anybody who's accepted into the college.
    Not only that, but UCSD is only like 25 minutes away from my house.
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    CalPoly would be worth the move. Apply if you can scrape up the $50. For aero there isn't a better place, including MIT and the private U's.

    And no, I didn't go there (UofArizona MSE)
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    If you ENJOYED calculus, maybe you should try math... :wink:
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    Hey, I got an "A" in that calc II course, now my gpa is up to a 3.148. That was a hard course to take over the summer. I just signed up for that TAG agreement this week and will be accepted if I keep my gpa over a 2.8 while taking two more semesters, actually three because they want me to enter in winter 2006 (january). That might not be so easy as i now have to take all of these liberal arts courses. Sometimes the grading can be a bit subjective. It's not like there's one right answer, and if you work really hard, you can get an A. I might not end up with a good grade in these courses no matter how hard I work at it. This semester I'm taking: English composition, Western Civilizations, Spanish, and Calc. III.
    If I keep raising my g.p.a. I might consider applying to cal poly, but I don't think it's high enough yet. I don't know If I would like having math as my major because I want to work hard and see and end product, (like a cool machine, or engine, or wing, or something) that would give me the kind of inspiration that I need.
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    It may be worth it to give them a call and see if it will give you any advantage to take any SAT II tests. When I was looking for transfer schools from CC, I had to take the physics & math SAT II's to apply to MIT (didn't get in... glad I didn't). It's a little weird taking a test with 17/18 year olds, but if it gives you a feather in your cap, it's worth a shot.
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    The answer (for me) is "Maybe a little..." when it comes to the idea of designing complicated robotics or electric stuff, but what sorts of things are there besides designing the actual things... I'm sort of thinking planning the path the spaceship is going to take? or something?

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    One would be looking at orbital transfer mechanics. Such work is performed at JPL and IIRC Marshall depeding on the mission.

    JPL has done the un-manned systems.

    Right now any manned mission to mars is lowest priority at NASA.

    Maybe a moon mission is down the road, and that would involve Marshall and Johnson, as well as Kennedy, but Kennedy is primarily surface to LEO.

    Boeing, Lockheed and Northrup and the Big 3, and that leaves little room for others. And the competition is tight - so usually only one gets a big chunk.
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    am the same...

    i was worried to enter this filed...but i think am going to....am at the faculty of engineering -cairo university...i just would say to u ...don't hesitate if u r intersted..
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    actually, i'm thinking of doing something to do with the environment instead... i'm really interested in that too, and the university here is known nationally (canada) as being good for environmental science... or something. Because i know i'm interested in aerospace, but i don't know how much i'm interested... whether I would actually want to move away for it and such. :)

    Thanks for the advice, though!
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