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Are there strings in space?

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    ok...I'm a dummy. been doing some novice reading on string theory lately. couple questions: are strings in 'empty space'? and if so, is this how the gravitational pull of a body is exerted on another body...thru the interaction of strings in-between?

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    String theory has a graviton, produced as a vibration mode of a "closed bosonic string". Strings can interact with each other, in fact that is the big subject of introductory string theory. So strings can exchange gravitons, and this would implement gravity a la string theory.

    The space strings exist in is complicated by the existence in the theory of branes, like pieces of n-dimensional space for various values of n. Strings not only interact with branes , they can live in branes, or join branes together, and by playing around with these ideas physicsts have come up with huge amount of physical theory.
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    ok...thx. need to do some more reading. got any suggestions? just finished the 'Elegant Universe'.
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