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I Are these objections valid?

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    You have this paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1404.1207
    I acknowledge that the "nothing" in this paper is not the "nothing" philosophers talk about.

    We have the following objections:
    1) Quantum fluctuations are a feature of our Universe so you can't use them as a cause for what brought our Universe into existence.
    2)If this were true, we would see Universes popping our into existence all the time.

    What are your thoughts?
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    1) Do we know that QFs were not around before the BB?
    2) Frequency of new universes would be inversely proportional to the likelihood of them happening.

    Take the example of a particle spontaneously tunnelling through a barrier. Sure, it happens all the time with electrons. It could - in theory - happen to a billiard ball through a pool table - but it would take longer than the lifetime of the universe to happen.

    Perhaps fluctuations of a magnitude sufficient to spawn a universe only occur once every quadrillion years.
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    2) Universes may be popping in and out of existence all the time. If they have zero total energy, we would have no way to observe them from where we are. A billion billion universes may have been made in your finger as you type.
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    From a QM point of view, the probability of a anything popping into existence via a quantum fluctuation is inversely proportionate to its mass. A Boltzmann brain or massive universe, like our own, randomly popping into existence is obscenely unlikely.
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